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High CPU usage in DMP 4400

Level 1
Level 1

We encountered high CPU usage for a number of DMP 4400 running on ver 5.2.3 that caused the display to be very slow and sluggish. We found that the high load is due to task /user/bin/sysmng job which is taking 99.8% of the load. Even after we do factory reset on the DMPs, the load on some DMPs still remain high.

Anyone has similar experience? Any explanation what can cause the sysmng to take up so much of CPU and how should we recover?


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Marco Cassini
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Lam,

Which type of content are you running on the DMP? Did you review the content creation guidelines specs:

If the content you are running is following the specs, I would recommend to open a Service Request with TAC to investigate further the causes of the high CPU.



Hi Marco,

Thanks for your reply and informaion. We have done some trouble-shooting and found that the high CPU occurred after we enable RS232. We also found the following errors when we do get param command. Attached is the complete log. Not sure if you have any idea on the errors? 

ERROR 01350015306.626295 mib      mibGetPropertyValueNoCallback mib.c:586 rec == NULL

INIT  01350015306.777570 init     Initx86ServiceStart init.c:1518 [Tue May 24 02:25:20 PDT 2011 [b2345]]

INIT  01350015306.777639 init     update_mac init.c:1467 pMacTag=00:0f:44:02:4e:e0

INIT  01350015306.783365 init     update_mac init.c:1478 init.MAC: [00:0f:44:02:4e:e0]

INIT  01350015306.783926 init     Initx86ServiceStart init.c:1531 msid -e -q -f /opt/etc/msi.conf

INIT  01350015306.794491 init     start_services init.c:1178 Start Service: with args <6666>

INIT  01350015306.795466 init     start_services init.c:1178 Start Service: with args <>

INIT  01350015306.795686 init     Initx86ServiceStart init.c:1538 calling start_network...

INIT  01350015306.795759 init     Initx86ServiceMessage init.c:1438 calling on_link_up()...

INIT  01350015306.795788 init_com on_link_up init_cb.c:526 calling start_network...

INIT  01350015306.795998 init_com on_link_up init_cb.c:529 calling msi then network....

ERROR 01350015306.796140 msi      srv_msi_start srvmsi.c:631 mibSetPropertyValueLong set for service 'msi' prop 'discovery_done', value '0'

ERROR 01350015306.865374 xfake    cb_xfakeStart xfake.c:107 Can't open X11 display ":0"

ERROR 01350015306.865407 srvcore  instanceNew instance.c:339 service_start failed for xfake service

ERROR 01350015306.865436 srvcore  serviceStart register.c:346 instanceNew failed. Service:xfake

Hi Lam,

You can most likely ignore those error messages, they look unrelated with this problem and most likely cosmetic.

I would recommend you to open a TAC Service Request at  this point, I am not aware of other situations where High CPU is  triggered by RS-232 usage, so this would need more in depth  investigation.