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How do i receive input from remote control? (DMP 4310)

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Level 1

I am developing the content on DMP 4310g which have to developed by flash action script 2.

I can play video and any text following a manual attached with this discussion.

The problem is there is no the idea about remote control on that manual.

Can any provide some solution or manual?

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Level 1
Level 1


Can you rephrase your question ? Are you trying to use the remote control on the 4310 to change the presentation on the display ? Are you looking for a remote key mapping document for 4310 ?



Are you trying to use the remote control on the 4310 to change the presentation on the display ?

->yes, i am trying to use the remote control to change the presentaion on the display.

   My presentation is a button list that can be pushed when you push the button on remote control.

   My actionscript is a key listenner that will be fired when key down.

Attached is the document that will assist you achieve the mapping on Remote keys in "4310" to a particular function, like assigning the red key to play CONTENT A, BLUE key for CAST etc ,

It may assist you somewhat and you can tweak it to your needs. I believe your scenario is different - more of a content creation issue, you want the remote key to control an asset and simulate a button press in your presentation, I'm not sure how that can be achieved or if the document can be helpful there but you can try.

Note : The process assumes you have a Web Server - Apache or IIS.


Sagar Dhanrale

Document :

The link to this document is no longer valid.  Does anyone have this document that could repost or send to me?  Thanks.


Hi Adam

I think you should find them in one of the two PDFs in the zip I have upload for you:



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