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IVR: HOWTO Transfer triggering contact to placed call?


I have a need to transfer a triggering contact to a specified number based on a desicion tree. I would like to know if that call transfer was unsuccessful, if it was I will use additional logic.

I had thought that I could place a call to the specified number and on success, perform a call redirect.

If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. TIA

IPCC 3.5(2)

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If you use Call redirect you have the ability to use logic based on a unsuccessful transfer.

Once you have transfered there is no way to get it back, other then point the transfer back to IPCC.

maybe I don't understand your question. If so, sorry.


the call redirect step eludes that I can specify an extension to perform a network take-back or a transfer. Ideally I would like to place a call to someone (an external answering service), and then transfer the triggering contact to that answering service. This way, if the answering service does not answer the phone, I have the ability to perform more logic (inform the caller that something is happening).

I cannot use a queue, as the answering service is not part of my phone system. I do not want to lose control of the call until I know that the caller is taken care of.

Thanks again.

Try the "Place Call" step found under the Call Contact category. It has a lot more options available to you. It's a little confusing to get working at first. We tested it by redirecting a test script to one of our cell phones until we had it working the way we wanted.

Good Luck!

holy lord i've been trying to get this Place Call step working for the past 2 weeks. im creating a test script that will be initiated by an outbound dialer to dial the company's toll-free numbers every morning and send an email with it's result. the call redirect considers any call redirected as successful. the place call step gives me all the options i need. i've tried everything and every time it hits the place call step it drops and sends it to the "invalid" bracket. I've attached the script as a reference. Any help would be greatly aprpeciated. Thanks!

Tony V.

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