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Jabber and o365 Calendar Presence (sprinkle in some WebEx)

Hello fellow Jabberers!

I have a question regarding Jabber and presence.

So I have everything set up with Jabber and we are all enjoying it now.  The basic presence is working as intended but we are looking for something with a little more info.  The whole rich presence thing.  We want to see the 'in a WebEx meeting', or Out of office, etc but right now all we get are the basic 3 and of course the customizable ones we might add as individual users.

In the IM&P Box, we have the presence gateway setup where we can add the EWS info for more presence with our calendars, but unfortunately, i am not sure how to make this work with o365.  Has anyone been able to make that work?

CUCM 11.x

IM&P 11.x

Using Jabber 11.6.1 - 11.7 Drop 4


The server-side integration with Exchange doesn't list support ofO365 (though it may work if it responds identically to how an on-premise Exhcnage 2013 CAS server does).

You should still be able to get client-side In a Meeting status provided that you are using Jabber for Windows, have Outlook 2010+ installed, the SIP: address in proxyAddresses attribute, calendar integration enabled (it is by default), and nothing else is registered to the MS Office Persona API (eg Lync client).

In a WebEx Meeting is also determined client-side: Jabber just watches the local process list to see if the WebEx executable is present. If it is, your status is updated. The only two server-side presence updates that exist are On the Phone (from CUCM Presence gateway) and In a Meeting (Exchange on-premise gateway).


Check this out.  This is a feature request that was entered on our behalf in 2015.  It seems as if there is a fix in IM&P version 11.5+

We are currently 10.5+ but plan to be 11.5 by year end.  This is another compelling reason to do so, as many of our UC users are Mac.

Feature request for IM&P support with Office 365 for calendaring


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