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Jabber login issues with internal/external domain and mail as userID

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Level 1

I have a CUCM and IM&P server version 11.5

My customer has two different domain, internal and external

I had to import end user from AD with mail as user ID.

All user has userID -->

Domain "" is not managed on internal DNS.


How can I configure internal and external SRV record for Jabber login service discovery?

Login from Jabber client works only If I manually configure CUCM server.


I try to configure internal SRV record like


as mentioned in this document, but doesn't works.


Does anyone have any suggestions?


Thank you

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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Prashant Sharma
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
Hi Ribola,
You can merge your internal & external domains using Cisco VCS or third party firewall which is XEN firewall, I have seen in some productions environment. When Multiple domains are involved, you have to create traversal zones for communications in between internal and external dns if you are using cisco VCS-C/E, however if you have are using XEN your configurations are minimized in comparison. If you have complex Cisco environment go for Cisco VCS..
Basic Overview :
Jabber > External Domain > VCS-E > VCS-C > Internal DNS > CUCM UDS > IM&P

Kindly rate if you find it helpful


I read the documents suggested. In my opinion, the easy way to solve DNS service discovery with different internal and external domain, is create a dedicated domain like "" internal and external, and install Jabber with the command "msiexec /i CiscoJabberSetup.msi CLEAR=1"

Any further suggestion ?

Thank you