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Mobile App for iPhone / iPad

Ken Sharp
Level 1
Level 1

One of my recent patches has changed the way Show and Share handles video editing and the Mobile App used to streams videos on an iPhone / iPad.

There was what I consided a bug with the Mobile App as related to videos that had been edited from within SnS.  It was described to me that editing out parts of a video does not actually remove the deleted scenes, but instead adds pointers to the video that tells computers using a standard browser to skip those sections.  The iPhone / iPad Mobile App did not understand those pointers and would play sections of a video that the Author thought were removed.

It appears that Cisco decided to fix this by allow either the use of the Mobile App or the use of video editing, but not both.  This is a settings chosen under "Manage / Preferences and Setting" on your SnS server.

Is there a patch or future change for this setting.  I need to use both.

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Ken Sharp
Level 1
Level 1

Along with the Apple Mobile app issue, I have just found out that Android users with the KitKat OS can no longer view videos on SnS.  This is due to the OS dropping support for Adobe Flash Player.

What are the plans for Cisco and mobile devices?  Have they decided to no longer support mobile devices or are do they have plans to move away from Adobe Flash Player and support say HTML5 or something else?  Are there plans to fix the Apple Mobile app so that I can allow both video editing and the app?  Is there an Android app avaible in what ever store they use?

Currently very few mobile devices can use SnS in my enviroment;  that's Apple, Windows or Android running any standard mobile OS.

I really needs some answers here.