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Multiple Attendant Console Working


I want 2 Attendant Consoles (Operatorss) to be able to manage the same pool of lines.

My pool of lines is a pilot point 2000.

I want both operator to be able to answer all calls that arrive for 2000.

Is the answer to use share lines on the operators phones. The operators both have 6-line 7960 phones.

CCM 3.3 , Attenant console 1.2.1

Regards, Alex. Please rate useful posts.
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We have this setup with 2 7960 phones. Each 7960 has a 6 line template with 3 lines configured. In the AC we have setup 2 users, recep 1 and recep2. The pilot point is configured with the following config:

recep 1 - line 2

recep 2 - line 2

recep 1 - line 3

recep 2 - line 3

line - xxxx

The first line is not configured as this is used if each operator has 2 calls to enable transfers.

All calls hit the pilot point from Auto Attendant so that which ever user is free gets the call, up to max 4 calls. If all both users have 2 calls each and a 5th call arrives, this gets forwarded to the extension xxxx which is a reception area in another location for tehm to take the call.

you could give each phone 6 lines and have up to 10 incoming calls if required.



Thank you David

This is exactly the way I have set up the hint group except all 12 lines are in the group :-

OP 1- line 1

OP 2- line 1

OP 1- line 2

OP 2- line 2


| et etc


OP - line 6

The problem is that if a call arrive on a line for OP 1 and she is busy with another call I want OP 2 to see the call on her ATT Cons and deal if she is free.

I have set all l2 lines into a pickup group as a work arround but this means that OP2 has to use the pickup facility on her phone and not her ATT Console.


I want the ATT Consoles to work in a multiple configuration.

I probablly want to much from the Cisco Att Console may be the solution is an ARC console or similar. But as usual its money that matters.

Regards, Alex. Please rate useful posts.

If you have configured as above and Op1 has a call on line 1, provided op 2 is logged in op2 should automatically get the next incoming call. IF both ops are on calls and a third call comes in it should go to op1 line 2.

Not sure why this is not working for you. Have you disabled call waiting for these phones? If not this could be your issue. we have disabled call waiting and none of the AC phones are in pickup groups. Works a treat and without the cost of something like ARC.



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