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Possible to uninstall CallManager 3.3(2) ?

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Is it possible anymore to uninstall CallManager? On previous versions this could be accomplished, but in the current form it does't allow for uninstall under Add/Remove Programs.

Trying to just re-run the CM3.3(2) install it says "This package has already been installed." If CM cannot be uninstalled, I suppose a full OS re-install is required?

Jason Roysdon

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Level 1

Callmanager can not be uninstalled from Add/Remove programs. Depending on your reason for reinstalling, you can either completely reinstall Callmanager and you will start off with a fresh installation or you can reinstall and select the upgrade option when prompted. The upgrade should preserve any previous configuration which currently exist in SQL and DC directory.


Hi , I have the same problem , have you already solved it ? If yes can you let me know?



8 and a half years old, nice.  Is this a joke?

Thanks for being serious... Yes this is not a joke ... Instead of your comments you could also help me...   I am working on a lab only i could only get my hands on a legal bundle of W2000 with callmanager 3.3(2) .... And some activation keys.. Also i have some 7940's and 7960's... And a MCS7835H-3.0 is the only server that i can get my hands all equipment is quite old.. Further i did not see that that post was that old......

Never worked on this and i want to uninstall it but cannot..

To be honest i see no solution above in the posts , add/remove is not possible and i see no option in the actual callmanager program... Also when inserting the CD it tells me that callmanager is already installed..

Any positve reply with a hint ?

Thank a lot...

Sorry, it was just so out there.  I mean, why would you be teaching yourself IP Telephony, and more specifically Cisco CallManager on ver 3.3?  You can get demo copies of the latest versions, and run them for free in vmware workstaion (or the like) right on your desktop PC or laptop.

Anyway, have you tried rebuilding the CallManager from the Operating System (Windows Server 2000)?