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RSS not displaying correct characters - DMM 5.2


Hi all,

I have recently bumped into the following issue.

I have setup the php proxy and tested it using various rss feeds (e.g google) with success.

Though, if i try to load some Greek Rss Feeds i get some really strange(unreadable form,mixed characters etc) rss feeds strolling in our LCDs.

Someone could tell that Greek Fonts are not currently supported by DMM 5.2 but i can only say that while being under 5.1 we could retrieve and display Greek Rss Feeds with success.

What has really changed to 5.2 version?

Is this a limitation of flash???

Thank you all!

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Tomas de Leon
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

There are some issues with different Language support in Digital Media Designer(DMD).

Greek is not supported in DMD.  If you use and external application to develop the

web presentations the Greek Language ** should ** be displayed correctly.

I can display the following page without issue (I believe)


Hi Tomas,

You are always eager to help!

Did you try to display greek rss though?

Can you try the following:

The latter used to work in 5.1 but in 5.2  the rss feed displayed is messed!!

thank you

I tried

via the Web Browser plane and it appears to display the Greek

with no issues.

As I noted before, the problem is with Digital Media Designer(DMD) in

5.2.  Greek is not supported.

If you create a web page or presentation with RSS feed (greek) with a

"Different" tool or application it ** SHOULD ** work.

Try and let me know if it works or not..


If you create a web page or presentation with RSS feed (greek) with a

"Different" tool or application it ** SHOULD ** work.

Is it possible to explain this a bit more?

Because i create a presentation through DMD using the greek rss link but i dont get anything readable.

I don't think you are getting what I am saying.

You can NOT use DMD for creating presentation.

DMD does NOT support Greek Language therefore

the presentations will NOT display correctly.

What I am saying is use a DIFFERENT tool or application (NOT DMD)

to create the presentation using greek and it SHOULD work.

If you have it, try something like Adobe Dream Weaver, etc...


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