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TCP/SIP session issue between CUCM and call recorder



I'm facing a weird recording issue, in a specific scenario 

We have a cluster of CUCM 11.5 deployed over the wan, using sip trunks with with 2 recording servers (each is located next to a CUCM), and I have an issue in one scenario : CUCMs can't open sessions with remote recorders (Publisher with RECORDER2, and Subscriber with RECORDER1)

Checked every possible thing in the config, firewalls etc .. nothing seem to be blocking the connection (all ports are open including SIP ports, pings are OK), I didn't touch TCP parameters yet so I'm planning to do tests in that regard.

recently I checked each recording server, and found a lot of TCP/SIP sessions open with the publisher, while the primary recorder has only 1 session with each CUCM


What kind of adjustments should I test guys ? 

please find attached Wireshark screenshot (of CUCM-subscriber : image002.jpg ) showing the issue, and the second one showing the open sessions with CUCM-Publisher from recorder2 perspective


Thank you in advance 

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Ammar Saood

Try to see if SIP ALG inspection is enabled on your FW ?

It is notorious to stop SIP signaling even thou ports are open. Its just L7 inspection that modifies data packet. so keep it disabled.

sometimes recorders, in case of Imagicle suite, are listening on different sip ports say 5070. Do verify that.

They may have FAX running on 5060.webex-community.png




Found something weird happening with TCP connection between both nodes over the WAN, changed the protocol to UDP in the sip trunk and that fixed the issue, still don't know why the sessions aren't well established between both sites, something weird in the transit network

I am glad you got your issue fixed.



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