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Vanishing corporate directory on 7940's and 7960's.


We are having a problem with the corporate directory mysteriously vanishing on random phones. A reset or restart via call manager will not restore it. Only by removing power at the phone can we get the corporate directory back... Our CM is using 3.3(3)sra4a... Thanks

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

In enterprise parameters, do you see ip addresses or hostnames? If hostnames, change to Ip addresses..

When the problem occurs, can you get on a PC in the same network as the phone and then try to browse to:


Does it come back with an error?

We have ip addresses for URL Directories....


Our vendor is suggesting we try the latest phone loads to cure this problem (we are currently using P00305000400). We will try that tomorrow night and see what happens. This problem occurs intermittantly and usually affects several phones when it happens...

5.0.4 is a VERY old load :). Currently we are at 7.2.2.. Yeah that would be a good move.. Please let us know how it goes.

Installed P00307020300 last night on the 7940's and 7960's along with S00104000100 to the 7914's. I will have to wait and see if this fixes the problem...

Did this resolve your problem. I also have the same problem on CCM 4.1(3). I loose corporate directory randomly, and at times I am unable to HTTPS to CCM. I think it's IIS/WWW service related (getting DCOM and W3SVC errors in logs). Also, when I VNC to CCM, this restores the Corporate Directory (until next fail).

I cannot say for sure as the problem is so intermittant... I did have to regress the phone load to P00307020200 from P00307020300 as the red line in use lamp on the 7914's would not indicate with the P00307020300 phone load, only the lcd icon would appear...


I have just received this link to a Microsoft URL from Cisco.;en-us;327153

I have implemented these changes and will post the result on forum.

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