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Video and AF41

I have a new MPLS tunnel between two sites.  I believe I have correctly configured the EF queue to handle specific VOIP traffic, and the AF41 queue to handle the video assoicated with a subset of Cisco 8945 phones.

Site A is my legacy site, running CUCM 8.6, and Site B is the new site, running CUCM 9.1.

When I do a 'show policy-map interface' command on Site A, I see no packets marked as AF41, but plenty as EF.  On Site B, I see packets in both the EF and AF41 queues.  I see plenty of traffic in AF31 as well, but that's not my concern.

The only thing I can think of that might be an issue is that the access ports at Site A are only FastEthernet, while the access ports at Site B are Gig.

I don't know how much bandwidth the 8945s will attempt to use for video, but is there something tagging the video traffic as something other than AF41?

I've gotten a couple of packet captures on the Site A side, and they don't seem to be AF41, but I'm probably readingthe header info incorrectly.

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Video and AF41

The phone will, baring a defect, tag the traffic in accordance with the DSCP for Video Calls (for media [RTP] streams) service parameter. You can confirm this behavior by enabling PC Voice VLAN Access and SPAN to PC Port on the phone itself, then run Wireshark on a laptop connected to the phone's PC Port. You should see a DSCP marking equal to what CUCM has specified.

If you are able to confirm that and do not see traffic in correct class at the WAN edge than something is either clearing or remarking it on the LAN. At that point it turns into a hop-by-hop evaluation of the MLS/QoS configuration.

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