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voice on a lan


Hi everybody,

we've installed asterisk on a pc and want to implement it in a lan with many vlans.

we've created vlan for voice (vlan5 / ip address : and used "switchport voice ".

we've used "switchport access " for data vlan (vlan10 / ip address : and vlan20 / ip address :

pcs (PC1 and PC2) on different data vlan can ping each other and phones can call each other.

the problem is that we need to access the asterisk server from PC1 and PC2

the address of the asterisk is, it cannot ping but can ping/call ip phone.

PC1,PC2 cannot ping asterisk server.

What should we do so that asterisk can both call ip phone and ping pcs in other vlan ?

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The voice VLAN feature enables access ports to carry IP voice traffic from an IP phone. The switch can connect to a Cisco 7960 IP Phone and carry IP voice traffic. Because the sound quality of an IP phone call can deteriorate if the data is unevenly transmitted, the switch supports quality of service (QoS) based on IEEE 802.1P class of service (CoS). QoS uses classification and scheduling to send network traffic from the switch in a predictable manner. For more information on QoS, refer to "Configuring QoS." The Cisco 7960 IP Phone is a configurable device, and you can configure it to forward traffic with an 802.1P priority. You can configure the switch to trust or override the traffic priority assigned by a Cisco 7960 IP Phone.

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