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get list of clients (LAN and WiFi) for a specific site via intent api



I was wondering what would be the preferred way of getting a list of all clients (lan and wifi) for a site using the intent API. 

I can see the API call!get-client-detail that will provide details for a given client. However, it requires the MAC, which I need to know first. 

I also found that!get-membership will return a list of MAC for a given site. However, since the devnet sandboxes don't have connected clients, I'm unable to test. 

My question is: Is site/get-membership the correct way for getting the list of clients? if not, what would it be? 



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Alex Stevenson
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello @olmomezger,


Another option may be the 'Get Client Enrichment Details' call, which takes the MAC address or the Network User ID:!get-client-enrichment-details

I wasn't able to get it to run in the browser there, but I was able use the cURL request generated and get it to work against the DevNet sandbox:


But there are no devices, so we cannot see much.

I haven't been able to find an actual example of what the response will look like, but this Ansible module, based on it, is telling:

I hope this helps!




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