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Nexus 7010

Does anyone know if the nexus 7k copper blade ports is the spanning-tree portfast is enable by default. And if there is a server on one port can you manually turn it on not sure if to set it for edge or normal port type.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Portfast is not enabled by default on any of the modules, as the default spanning tree port type is normal, i.e the port transitions through the regular spanning tree states.

You could configure the port connecting to the server with 'spanning-tree port type edge' to enable portfast on it.

Here are some reference docs on this.

Hope this helps.


Level 5
Level 5

The "defaults" for a lot of things on a N7K are configurable. Well, they are in NXOS V5, which I am running.

If you enter the following command

nexus(config)# spanning-tree port type edge default

Then the answer to your question is yes. But this will change EVERY port, regardless of how it is configured, so unless your Nexus is a greenfield setup, I wouldn't recommend it.

You can manually change any port type to edge (spanning-tree portfast) either one by one, or in a range, for example

nexus(config)# interface ethernet 1/1 - 48
nexus(config-if-range)# spanning-tree port type edge

nexus(config-if-range)# end

will set ports Ethernet 1/1 through 1/48 in portfast mode (note that the space between the 1 and the 48 when specifying a range is obligatory). Of course, you can do one port at a time simply by specifying it as ethernet 1/5, for example.