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portchannel between F3 and M3




Is it Posible to create a port channel between and F3 and M3 Card?


I have a 2 Nexus 7702 with a M3 card and the other with and F3 card, so can i bring a portchannel between this 2?


Thanks for the help.

1 Accepted Solution

Accepted Solutions

Hi @vivarock12 

Do you refer to have a vPC where one peer is using M3 and the second peer F3?

Or just a port-channel between two Nexus switches one using F3 and the second Nexus (the other side of the Po) using M3?


If we are talking about vPC, then the answer is still not. Module type is verified as a consistency check.

If the question is about the second scenario, a port-channel like this:    [M3] =====0====== [F3] , then there is no problem here. You can create port-channels like this. However, you need to be aware of each linecards specific limitations. For example:

With M Series modules and LACP, a vPC peer link supports 16 LACP interfaces: 8 active links and 8 hot standby links. You can configure 16 LACP links on the downstream vPC channel: 8 active links and 8 hot standby links. If you configure the port channels without using LACP, you can have only 8 links in each channel. With F-Series line cards, a vPC peer link and downstream vPC