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ADSL WIC - Do I need one?


Have a 2611 with 1 serial and 2 Enet ports that I would like to run to my ADSL broadband modem using PPPoE. My question is, will this require an ADSL WIC or can I let the IOS just handle the authentication and routing? Broadband modem is in bridge mode.



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Slightly confused. Are you attempting to "replace" the existing ADSL modem with the WIC and have the router handle the authentication, or just attach the router to the network. Isn't your ADSL modem already providing you with a Lan port? You should be able to just plug you router directly into the modems lan port (cross-over cable may be required) and just set a default router out your ethernet interface.

Sorry for the confusion. I have a Netgear Cable/DSL firewall/router attached to the modem via the ethernet port. With the VC in bridge mode on the modem, it provides no firewalling protection and requires either a client machine or a device like the Netgear to provide a username and password to authenticate to the ISP. I want to replace the netgear device, but don't know if the 2611 will be able to handle the authentication.

Hope that clears it up a bit.



Yes you can do that. I think in Cisco IOS Release 12.1(5)YB has pppoe support.

Please have a look at the following article. It is for a 1605r but it shoule be the same for the 2611

Let us know how you go

Thanks for the info. The IOS Upgrade planner does not list my router for that release. Would you recommend upgrading anyway?

Here is the url which talks about 2600 router hardware and software ios requirement to act as PPPoE client with ADSL WIC..It does have a sample config too.

Nice. I was hoping to get away with not having to use the WIC. Just on ethernet port. Seems like it should be a non-issue.

Thanks to all who responded! Good stuff..


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