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an easy routing issue

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the situation:There is an Alcatel modem for internet and mail and web server and it is not a router and no support for rip if you check the topology that I attached for the case? Alcatel is forwarding all mail packets from tcp ports 25 and 110 to mail server.Also it is forwarding tcp port 80 requests to web server.There is only one real adress 212.x.x.x on alcatel modem.

* CONTACT NAME: Gürkan sular

* CONTACT PHONE NUMBER:00902165229898


* CONTRACT #: ????

* SERIAL #: SHN02212511

* PRODUCT TYPE (Model Number): cisco 2610 (MPC860)

* SOFTWARE VERSION: Version 12.2(10b)

* COMPANY NAME: nextiraone turkey

* EQUIPMENT LOCATION (Address): istanbul

we want to put cisco router directly behind to adsl modem from ethernet.


Can I use stright or cross cable in this case?

And Can cisco 2600 router can route tcp port 25 and 110 to some nonroutable IP address mail server inside? also port 80 to web server.Because I checked all commands related with it I could not find any like ip nat tcp 25

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Selam arkadash!

If you want to connect your router to adsl modem directly you have to use cross cable, if to the hub or the switch then straight cable.

And to use mail services only you have not to do nat.

only by simple route "ip route you can give your new users e-mail services

But, if you want to give new network users all services you have to put your router behind the ISA server.

e-mail me if you want additional help.

Turkche konusha bilersen.