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ASA 5508-X licensing and load usage

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Level 1

I am currently looking at purchasing a ASA 5508-X to replace a 5505. My network consists of 65 devices (computers, mobile phones, tablets) requiring internet connectivity. The current internet service is 50Mb, but looking to increase that. The typical internet activity is, email, website access, file downloads and video streaming. Not using any cloud based services, other than email, at this time. I've not worked with the Firepower services yet. I would like to know what, out of the available license options, should I look at going with that would provide the most cost effective benefit? I'm trying to keep the cost reasonable, not just the initial purchase, but the renewal costs. I'm looking at IPS and AMP. Also, considering the current size of the network, what license options would I be able to run on this model and still maintain good firewall performance with some grow room? Any input is appreciated.    

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Diana Karolina Rojas
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello Steven, 


I think for your requirements this device is OK, I think the features it brings by default is enough for your network, however I strongly recomend you to review this link you can see the licence features the device has when you purchase it with the Base licence (the Security Plus licence is avaible from 5512-X), I don't not finally if you want to use IPS and Firepower, so let me know.

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Best Regards, 

Thank you for your response, but unfortunately it doesn't answer my questions.