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Booting from a tar file



I have to install a new version on a AP and i just downloaded a .tar file from Cisco.

My question is, can i boot directly from that tar file?

I never tryied this and before doing something wrong i want to be sure it will work. I read somewhere that maybe i have to uncompress the file firt but the AP seems it doesn't have this option.

Any help will be great, thanks

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If you want to load the software and reboot the access point immediately I have found this command to be useful:

archive download-sw /overwrite /force-reload tftp://x.x.x.x/Image Name

Where x.x.x.x is the address of the TFTP server where the image is stored and Image Name is the name of the tar file.

If you don't want the access point to reload immediated you can omit the /force-reload part.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for your reply but i found a very good way to do this and it works fine. Here is the link to the page where tha procedure is:

Thanks and regards

It didn't rebooted wellow it has a ap: prompt and can't start from the file. The thing is that the version is still there on the boot variable.


What files do you have in your flash memory? Can you list them on here.

Is the AP still accessible over the network?

Did you load the .tar file directly onto the AP?

If so then it will not boot with this file. a .tar file is the Cisco equivalent of a ZIP file. Before you can use it you need to "unzip" it. The problem is that the AP doesn't have enough memory to hold the .tar file and the unzipped files. Your best bet may be to copy the .bin file from one of your other access points onto this AP to get it to boot, then use the command in my original post. I've used this command on 130 AP1200s without a single problem.

It's done. Everything is working. It was the manual reboot variable that was stated to yes instead of no. The AP wasn't able to reboot automaticlly so i had to change taht variable. I don't know how this was configured by default.

Anyway, it's all right now.


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