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E 1 & 2Mbps links

Level 1
Level 1

Whats a difference between a simple 2 Mbps link, & a E 1 link. Can we have a Channelised E1 without ISDN signalling? Also , do we use full 2Mbps bandwidth for our use or some amount is used as in E1 ISDN links.

Please clarify.

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Level 3
Level 3

Both use 32 64k timeslots,

isdn uses 30 channels for data, 1 for signalling and 1 for framing.

E1 has no signalling , 31 for data and 1 for framing.

Have a search for g.704 for more

Sorry for late response.

Acc to ur reply 30*64kbps is the actual total bandwdith for ISDN PRI, & 31*64kbps is teh actual bandwidth for E1 using G703. Also I read somewhere that E1 G703 can be of two type Framed & Unframed. Perhaps Framed E1 has CRC4 and hence it will provide even less bandwidth in total for data transfer.

Am I right ? Please explain.

have a look at the following should explain it better than me.

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