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percentage of the spare network points to the activated ones

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Hi Everyone,

We are in the process of designing a network plan for a building, around 1500 staff,

My question, is there a standard for the spare network points comparing to the real active points? or a doc. from Cisco covering this part?

the suggested % by the IT company is around 28-35%


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we typically will plan to use 44 ports out of a 48 port switch when planning new implementations. That's a bit less than 10%.for port capacity.

In terms of IP addressing the 28 - 35% seems reasonable since, with virtual IP requirements you probably need more addresses than you would switch ports. Rather than percentages, we reserve network subnets based on regions and try to be as efficient as possible in assigning the subnets. i.e. a point-to-point connection only gets a /30 subnet. Small offices may only get a /25 which is further subnetted for data, voice and wireless networks. We never assign more than a /24 for any User/Server subnet so some larger floors may actually have more than 1 data VLAN.

Hope this helps,


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Mate, Do your employees hot desk or  do they have designated seats ?

A min of 10% extra should always be considered. But again you need to understand at what rate you are expected to grow.

In short 10-15% is a  minimum you should be looking at.

Thanks for you all, my concern is if you have a staff in a physical desk, and there is four outlet, how many should I activate out of the four? will have a hyperd PBX ( digital and IP )

should I activate two and leave the other two connected just to the passive patch Panel?

Best Regards


depending upon the requirements, just activate what you need  - there's no advantage to connecting unused ports to switches. This would just be an unnecessary expense in terms of extra switches, power and cooling. Add new switches as you need them.

Getting a future projection on how the site will expand is one question, getting an accurate response is a totally different matter. ;-)

Pre-cabling all 4 is usually a good move since the cost to re-cable after the fact will probably be double.

Can't assist on the Telephony query other than to say, it may be wise to use separate VLANs/subnets for voice.

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