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Router incorrect date and time


I have a router 2600 IOS 12.2 i configurate a ntp server but the date and time that send me is incorrect. We have more routers (3640) and switches (Catalyst ans 2900) that have configurate the same ntp server and they don´t have problems.

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Rising star
Rising star

You configured the router as the NTP server ?

If so, did you set the date and time ?

You might have to configure your offset from Greenwich Mean Time.


No, i have another ntp server (Windows 2000 server) Router isn´t ntp server

what does show ntp status, and show ntp associations produce. occasionally, the client won't synch up with the server and start to drift.


The following is the show ntp status:

Clock is unsynchronized, stratum 16, no reference clock

nominal freq is 249.5901 Hz, actual freq is 249.5901 Hz, precision is 2**18

reference time is 00000000.00000000 (06:00:00.000 MEX Mon Jan 1 1900)

clock offset is 0.0000 msec, root delay is 0.00 msec

root dispersion is 0.00 msec, peer dispersion is 0.00 msec

I expect that you can help me.

What about posting the output from the "show ntp assocations detail" command? Double check that the ntp server address has not been misconfigured. Can you ping the ntp server from the router?




The following is the test from "show nto assocations detail" comand: configured, insane, invalid, stratum 15

ref ID, time C3EDE4C5.E6A7EE93 (22:35:17.900 MEX Mon Mar 1 2004)

our mode client, peer mode server, our poll intvl 1024, peer poll intvl 1024

root delay 0.00 msec, root disp 0.00, reach 377, sync dist 16.403

delay 1.28 msec, offset 345589063409.7127 msec, dispersion 15.76

precision 2**6, version 3

org time C3EDE4C5.E6A7EE93 (22:35:17.900 MEX Mon Mar 1 2004)

rcv time AF549F7E.7DEF2F45 (01:37:34.491 MEX Sat Mar 20 1993)

xmt time AF549F7E.7D9AD105 (01:37:34.490 MEX Sat Mar 20 1993)

filtdelay = 1.28 2.26 2.17 1.53 1.36 1.60 1.60 1.28

filtoffset = 3455890 3455890 3455890 3455890 3455890 3455890 3455890 3455890

filterror = 0.02 15.64 31.27 46.89 62.52 78.14 93.77 109.39

And i can pinging the ntp server from the router.

Hi there, is there any authentication going on? have yo compared the config with a router that is working? Is there any type of firewall between this router and the ntp server that might prevent the UDP packets that ntp uses? What does the output from the show ntp ass detail look like from a router with the proper time. And finally, which IOS version are you running? Maybe its a bug.

Good luck,


Hi Joe:

1) I don´t understand about any authentication going on, please explain me more about this.

2) Yes i conpared the configuration with other router that is already working and is the same.

3) Now we don´t have any type of firewall between this router and the ntp server, there are only a Catalyst 4500.

4) The IOS is Version 12.2(7r)

I expect that you can hel me.

If the configs for the other routers are the same with regards to NTP, then there is no problem with authentication. NTP can be configured so that it authenticates ntp requests.

Other than what I've already suggested, I have no other ideas. Maybe someone else has an idea or two as to why you cannot sync.

Good luck,


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