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sg250-08 2nd VLAN internet access

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I'm currently trying to configure the sg250-08 switch and have created 2 vlan, the default vlan1 ( and vlan104 ( inter vlan routing is enabled and i'm able to communicate between vlan and is working perfectly. 


The home DSL modem is in bridging mode and the router is NATed to the internet. The router LAN port is plugged into vlan1 and devices on vlan1 has internet access.  


vlan104 devices can communicate with devices on vlan1 and vice-versa but it can't ping the LAN port of the router that is plugged in on vlan1.  Static route was created on the switch (ip route and the switch is able to ping successfully. But vlan104 can't get to the internet. What other route do i need to achieve this?



vlan1 is able to get to the internet 

vlan104 unable to get to the internet

sg250-08 static route is set and able to ping




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--> The home DSL modem is in bridging mode and the router is NATed to the internet.


Which device is doing the NAT ? As far as I recall, the SG250 does not support NAT....

NAT to the internet is handle by the home router.

From all the reading i've been doing it seems like most of the post about unable to access the internet has to do with the 2 or more vlan configured, and the solutions is having router interface into each one of the vlan in order to route it correctly. My home router doesn't have the capability to create another virtual interface for each vlan so i decided to disable ipv4 routing on the switch and install a small open source FW (IPFire) on the ESXi server and have it do the routing instead.  It seems to work ok and do what i needed it to do but i much rather not having to introduce another device into the mix and have the switch do the routing but i don't know if the sg250 is capable of doing by itself.