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EtherSwitch Network Module Intra-chassis

Quick question for everyone:

Design Background:

I am looking at a potential design implementation utilizing two NM-16ESW-1GIG in one 3845 running

(C3845-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M), Version 15.1(4)M4. The reason for selecting these NM cards is based on cost and the need for more 1000BaseTx ports. I do not need to have the full gigabit utilization on these, but need 200 mbps duplex for each. The two GigE interfaces are already spoken for that are on the MB. There will be NO VLAN's on this router.

Potential Problem:

I've read that to have access to the same vlan.dat file, the two NM cards need to be connected via crossover utilizing the GigE ports. Does this same requirement apply if I am not utilizing any VLAN's and all ports have no switchport enabled?

Any feedback or recomendation is appreciated.

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EtherSwitch Network Module Intra-chassis


Re: EtherSwitch Network Module Intra-chassis

That would work, but according to the documentation, those are only compatible with the x900 series, I have a 3845...

Edit: I need a total of four GigE ports, two for head bandwidth, two for distribution further into the network.

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EtherSwitch Network Module Intra-chassis

Ooops!  Didn't see that you have a 3845.  You may have to wind up using the HWIC-1GE-SFP card.

Cisco Gigabit Ethernet High-Speed WAN Interface Card


EtherSwitch Network Module Intra-chassis

Hope not, the price is right on the nm-16esw-1gig... I would think that since that limitation exists for the vlan.dat file that if it wasn't being utilized there would be no problem with other functions... Hopefully someone wiser than I reads this and knows the right answer.

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