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Startup Config will not load...

I have been working with cisco products for a number of years, and this is the first time I have seen this.

When I configure the router to the specs I need, I save the config via the "write mem" command and when I reload the router, the config is gone. It looks like the config just got erased. The strange thing is when I do a show start, the config is there, the router just didn't load it. If I do a

"copy start run" everything is fine, and is just the way I configured it, but when I reload the router, the config is gone again.

This is very strange to me, and any help would great.

Frequent Contributor

it sounds like your config register is set to 2142 change it to 2102

My 2621 has it set to 2102 and I'm having the same problem. Any other suggestions?

What sort of router are you using? I remembered that in the past I came across a problem on a 2600 series where the version of the IOS actually affect the loading of the router.

Cisco Employee

Pl. post the console log when the router boots. Need to see hows the booting proccess went..

Also post "sh ver" after the router boots without running config.

Posting the logs (as per previous request)will give the best clue! Have you got boot statements in your config? Do a show boot command and post it. Are you monitoring the boot process from the console? - if so, it should tell you which IOS etc is being loaded from where and give config file/boot errors etc. Perhaps post this! When it boots with no config, what prompt comes up - as was mentioned, 0x2142 is a common error for the config not running, as it is used for password recovery, however even with 0x2142 the config is still active!!