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Roman Rodichev
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AnyConnect SAML authentication via Duo SAML and Azure AD SAML

Just to be clear, this question is not about integrating ASA Anyconnect authentication directly with Microsoft Azure MFA. The goal is for users to see only Duo screens.


I use SAML for Anyconnect auth on ASA with Duo Cloud IdP. Instead of using on-prem Duo Authentication Proxy, I setup Duo Cloud AD authentication with Microsoft Azure IdP. I didn't find any Anyconnect scenarios with such setup, where you have ASA >>> SAML#1 >>> DUO >>> SAML#2 >>> AZURE. My goal would be for the user to only see Duo SAML pages, meaning they enter AD credentials on a Duo provided form followed by Duo Push.


But that's not how it works in my setup, where I used this document:


Instead Duo passes through the SAML onto Azure, so I actually see Azure SAML page to enter email and password, and then it goes back to Duo's page for Duo Push. Authentication works correctly, but I would rather have users see only Duo forms, starting with email + password and then Duo Push. I want Duo to use it's SAML back-channel to Azure AD to validate the email and password that user entered in the Duo SAML page.


Is this even possible? I imagine it would be something on the Duo side, where you tell Duo "don't forward the process to Azure SAML, only use it to validate user's credentials".


If this is not possible, then is on-prem Duo Authentication Proxy my option?



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