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I'm in health care and deal with several FDA vendors and their devices(PCs). These PCs run medical apps or attached/control other devices like radiology, EKG, bed monitoring..etc.Since these devices are FDA approved, they can't be patched at all(MS u...

opers13 by Level 1
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Hi,I have a firewall ASA5520 that has a CSC SSM20 module in it.The module as the last OS (CSC SSM 6.3.1172.0), and the firewall as the OS 8.0(4).The CSC SSM20 module, and the firewall, is configured like Cisco advice for this case.The thing is like t...

rcapao by Level 1
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Hi Experts,I have two sites Site A: MNMCDEL and Site B: NNMCCNI. See the attached Diagrams of both the sites. Both the sites are connected using MPLS. I have one interface called MPLS in both the Firewall and I am able to ping each other (

Hi,Can we use Cisco CSA just as a personal firewall. I have been trying to create simple allow-deny rules but have not been succesful.How can I create rules for just blocking an IP Range for RDP and allow all other IPS for all Ports?Thanks in adv.

abdave by Level 1
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