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Community Manager

Cisco Community is now an even richer resource for you.  Along with connecting you to a huge network of peer experts for advice, Cisco has made the community the hub for new interactive “how-to” Guided Resources to support you all the way from onboarding through optimization of your Cisco products.  You’ll also find new Ask the Experts (ATXs) online events to expand your opportunities to engage with Cisco experts.   

Interactive Guided Resources help you reach your business outcomes faster: 

  • New how-to content and adoption guidance is specific to each use case.  
  • Customization features let you track and save your progress through each use case step directly in a Guided Resource.  Your updates are automatically saved, making this your tool to track your progress and see next steps. 
  • Comment on the guides or use the discussion forums to get advice from peers and Cisco experts throughout your project. 

Guided Resources Example.png

 Ask the Experts (ATXs) sessions bring you more engagement with Cisco experts: 

  • ATXs sessions feature in-depth product demos and live Q&A for every stage of your technology adoption. 
  • Browse upcoming ATXs sessions in the Technology and Support Events and Webinars forum.  Use the filters to find the right Ask the Experts sessions for your project. 
  • Register for ATXs sessions and submit questions in advance – all without ever leaving the community. 
  • Access ATXs recordings and resources shared during sessions whenever you need them. 

ATX event type 2.png


Give these new resources a try and let us know how we can make them even more valuable for you.  As you use them to guide you, please help your peers by sharing your projects and learnings in the community Project Gallery.

The Cisco Community team and I are proud of this evolution, and we’re excited to continue to delivering on our promise to you: to make Cisco Community the secret to your success. 

-Denise and team 

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