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Eri Mizuno
Community Manager
Community Manager

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We are pleased to announce the Event Top Contributors of 2024. Now that we have special categories since 2023, participation has increased, making 2023 a very interesting year of contention. This year we honored 14 experts among community members and Cisco experts from around the world. Especially, the strides taken by the Spanish community members this year have been truly remarkable. For more details, please refer to the Special Awards below.

Undoubtedly, the task of planning, creating, and executing an event requires time and dedication. The community moderators are here to support you if you wish to participate and present a webinar. All the content you create forges the pillars of our community and enriches the knowledge resource base in the different technologies and languages. On behalf of everyone, thank you very much for your efforts! 

What is *Speaker of the YearThe Speaker of the Year is a special award founded on 2023 for the Top 1 speaker who contributed the most by presenting and supporting as many sessions through the year. Diego Granados *, from Spanish Community, is the winner of this award for 2024. Thank you and congratulations!

What is **Session of the YearThe Session of the Year is another special award since 2023, designated for the Top 1 session which earned great engagement, and the best received from attendees among all the events through the year.
Happy to have Diego Granados** here again, Ana Ramírez ** and Roberto Téllez **, from the Spanish community, who presented "Cisco DNA Center, the Best Friend of the Enterprise Network" for the Routing & Switching tech area and the session was well received by 703 live attendees! And let us thank also Alejandro Jon, Isaac Bonilla and Carlos Nicoletti, who supported the session as Question Managers. Congratulations!

If you are interested in hosting an event in the Cisco Community, please contact your local community manager from here.  Any questions welcome!

Let's meet the Events Top Contributors of 2024


Diego Granados * & ** Roberto Téllez ** Ana Ramírez ** Camilo Hernández Hideyuki Osaki
Ke Qin Luis Gómez Rocandio Ricardo García Duarte Raphael Gomes Wellington Assis
Jérôme Durand Camila Maçoli Leonardo Ferreira Luis Matos  

Are you new to the Cisco Community?
Events Top Contributors program recognizes the most active contributors to the Cisco Community who deliver multiple, high-quality events and are actively involved in the community. On each winner's profile, a badge is displayed indicating that they are a top 2024 event contributor.

Thank you and congratulations to all contributors! 

- Cisco Community Team 

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