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Cisco D9859 Advanced Receiver Transcoder Installation, Configuration, and Troubleshooting

Lisa Latour
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Cisco D9859 Advanced Receiver Transcoder Installation, Configuration and Troubleshooting

Ask questions from Tuesday, May 26th, 2015 to Friday, June 12th, 2015

This is an opportunity to learn and ask questions about the Cisco D9859. Please ask any questions relating to configuration, deployment, licensing or any other topics.

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Fred Yee has been working for Cisco (including years at SA, & DVS) in a TAC engineer role for over 30 years. He is has help isolate many complex issues in the DMN space. He has actively created internal and external trainings to help his peers and customers.

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Francisco Macias

When I attempt to make changes in the receiver menus on the front panel, I sometimes see a ‘Permission denied’ message.  What does that mean?


The 'Permission denied' message usually means that the receiver is locked (ie. lock level is not zero).  You are attempting to make a change in the configuration which is not allowed at the current lock level.  From the front panel, go to Main Menu - Setup - Admin.  You should see the lock level.  To unlock the receiver, you will need to change the lock level, and enter the password.  A lock level of '0' means that the receiver is unlocked.  You will need to save the changes in order to successfully unlock the receiver.  The default password for the receiver will either be '1234' or '8390'.  If neither of these passwords work, you may need to contact the programmer and have the receiver unlocked via the satellite signal.

NOTE: There are some receivers that may have custom passwords as set by the programmer.  In these cases, your only option is to work with the programmer to have your receiver unlocked via satellite signal.  If you cannot achieve RF lock to the signal, there may be no other option other than to send the unit back for reprogramming.  Please contact the DMN TAC team for details.


Dani Ma

I accidentally installed a license into a D9859, but I need to install it in another unit.  How can I resolve this?



Installation of licenses on the receiver cannot be undone easily.  The only recourse is to ship the unit back to the factory for reprogramming, and also contacting the GLO team to re-issue a PAK for the licenses which will be removed.  The GLO team has a self-serve option which will allow you to request that the licenses be re-issued.

The GLO team may also be contacted via email at:

You can always open a service request case online, or contact the DMN TAC team for assistance.



Hello ,

i can understand about D9859 - Advanced Receiver Transcoder


1)  can i use other inputs in D9859 on other satellites?

for.example : 1 .input 13e hotbird  ,2 input Astra 4.8e.


2) what about Transcode License Count

for example : D9859 have 1 sd ,1 hd license

can i receive from satellite 2 hd streams?




How can you view or change PEs through front panel?


To change channels for each program entry (PE), you may simply use the <UP> and <DOWN> cursor keys.  The current PE will be shown in the top left hand corner of the front panel.  Typically, it will be set to PE1.  To make changes for PE's 2 thru 8, press

  • <ADV>
  • <UP> (as many times as required to the desired PE)
  • <RIGHT> cursor key twice
    NOTE: The first time the <RIGHT> cursor key is pressed will display the authorization status of each PE
  • <UP> and <DOWN> cursor key to the desired channel

If you access the main menu, and then return to the status menu, you should see that PE1 is always displayed.

Thank you, Fred!

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