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IOS XE System Messages (Syslog) Facility names

We're currently using CA Spectrum for a fault management system.  In 2017 we discovered that newer Cisco ISR's (ex. 4331, 4321, 4431) and ASR's (ex. 1006, 1002) are no longer supporting the CISCO-ENVMON-MIB on these devices running IOS-XE.  How we discovered the change was we were missing SNMP traps or outages for Power Supplies, Fans, and Temperature for some of our managed customers.  We contacted Cisco and they verified what we discovered and they informed us they're using the CISCO-ENTITY-MIB for these devices.  We configured a few devices to send the Entity traps which is basically a one trap for everything trap that contains very limited information.  Because we didn't like the Entity trap format and data we're currently testing syslog traps and only monitoring severity 0-3 syslog events.  By configuring a few Syslog files in Spectrum we can filter unwanted syslog messages.  In these files we simply add the "Facility" name we wish to ignore.  We're looking for an online resource that list all the "Facility" names for IOS-XE along with their definition and type.  Manually going through each IOS-XE (version 15.x and 16.x) Systems Message Guide is very time consuming and it really doesn't define the "Facility" name.  For example:  What does facility "IOSXE_PEM" mean and what type (Protocol, System, Environment, Software, Security, Hardware_Configuration, or Connection_Configuration) message is it?  The attached PDF file explains the filter files we're creating.  There are hundreds of "Facility" name, but we're hoping there is an easier way to get information about the "Facility" names.


Re: IOS XE System Messages (Syslog) Facility names

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