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PowerVu D9858 Firmware upgrade from running version R03.02.00


I have several 9858's that need firmware upgrades and have noticed that below 3.90 or so the GUI doesn't have a download function with in it. I'm not having any luck trying to find how its done. can access it via telnet but not quite understanding which commands might be needed to push the file or flash the file onto the device. I have all the newer firmware download from Cisco. just stuck on the ones that haven't been upgraded via the uplink. some already had it loaded but not active. These only have just this one version on them. 

Any thoughts?

Thank you


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The feature to upload the code to the device via the GUI was introduced only from V3.50. If the device is running versions below 3.50, you need to use a special Downloader tool and TFTP server application.

Please open a case with Cisco TAC and someone will assist you with the tools.

If the code is already loaded to the device, you should be able to select the active release version from the System/Version page on the GUI.



Thanks for no help. could have, and did think that I needed a "special tool".

It's listed as "code". Run the TFTP server as administrator, otherwise it will give you an error.

When I run as admin, I get a critical error, cannot obtain host IP... I understand that, so how do I tell it to look to a certain IP? Thanks!

I have been told my company main cisco support account doesn't cover these receivers. Which were originally paid for by the broadcaster and transferred to us. so Either tell me where and what to get. or ill just keep trying to hack something onto it.

I'm going through this as well. D9858 Ver. 3.02 trying to slowly get to at least ver. 4.12

Did you get any further on this?

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