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Quota Manager Activation but no subscriber breach notification



My customer has requested to activate the QM functionality on his existing service control architecture (one SM and one SCE 8000 Ver 3.7.1).

By following the activation instructions the QM service got up and running.

I've created a new package for testing with specific rules (it's for allowing pre-payed customers to have a minumum browsing volume per day while no credit recharge is done).

The question is that I've wasn't able to see the quota suscriber state getting into breach on the QM (on the SCE it was in breach state and with the correct rules applied to it).

The Quota Breach RDRs are active on the SCA and applied to the SCE.

Also the RDR-Formater cat 4 was set to ( The documentation doesn't explain why we should redirect this information to the localhost. Is there any hint on this?

I've also added, on the SM server, a line in /etc/hosts with "<IP_of_SM> QM". The documentation doesn't explain which name should be set and I've assumed this name.

Is there any know issue or trick to let SCE correctly update the status on the QM for subcriber quota breach?



Pedro André

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The following should be done when creating the quota profile if you use the external QM:

1- in the (Quota profile editor) the (External Type) should be (SCE Subscriber API) .

2- in the (create new quota profile) the type should be (SCE Subscriber API).

3- in the (Quota bucket profile) you should attatch needed service to quota profile.

4- all quota RDR should be active on the SCA.

5- The quota profile should be applied to the package.

now we will send quota RDR to our CM just for troubleshoot:

1- send Cat 4 RDR to your CM Servers.

2- config the categorizer to send all the following RDR tags to CSV adapter (4042322032 & 4042322033, 4042322034, 4042322035)

3- go to (cmscm/cm/adapters/CSVAdapter/csvfiles) on your cm and check if you receive Quota RDR or not (you should find files with the RDR tags as its name).

4- if you did not receive any Quota RDR that's mean we should check the SCE configuration more deeply.

5- if you receive the Breach RDR on CM that mean we should check the SM side more deeply.

Hope that will help


Also the RDR-Formater cat 4 was set to ( The documentation doesn't explain why we should redirect this information to the localhost. Is there any hint on this?

--you should do this because the application that generates quota events are running on the SCE itself(control card). So youre sending the RDRs to the s/w that generates quota events. You may send the cat4 rdrs to some other software but in that case you should implement the event generation process/order.

i recommend enabling the management-api logging on the SCE to see if the subscribers are correctly getting their events, or use mirror to RDR feature. Check if the beach events are triggered.

You say policy is applied like a breached subscriber so i also think that there might be problem with the QM itself.

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