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SAMI Module Compatibility



We have a Cisco 7609 router. We are wanting to purchase a SAMI board

(Service and Application Module for IP - WS-SVC-SAMI-BB-K9 ). With reference to the requirements:

System Requirements

• All Cisco 7600 Series Chassis and 7600 S-Chassis are supported.

• Cisco Service and Application Module for IP is supported in Cisco IOS® Software Release 12.2(33)SRB1 (native) for the Cisco 7600 Series.

• Supported supervisor engines are:

– Supervisor Minimum IOS Software release

– WS-SUP720 12.2(33)SRB

– WS-SUP720-3B 12.2(33)SRB

– WS-SUP720-3BXL 12.2(33)SRB

– WS-SUP32-GE-3B 12.2(33)SRC

– WS-SUP32-10GE-3B 12.2(33)SRC

– WS-RSP720-3C-GE 12.2(33)SRC

– WS-RSP720-3CXL-GE 12.2(33)SRC

– WS-RSP720-3CXL-10GE 12.2SRE

• Single or redundant supervisor engine configurations are supported.

• There is no restriction on other cards (such as service and network modules) on the chassis.

I noticed that it only mentions a “Supervisor Engine”. The thing is our Cisco 7609 uses Switch Processors and NOT Supervisor Engines. I know they are similar, so will the SAMI board work with “Switch Processors”?

  5    5  Route Switch Processor 720 10GE (Activ RSP720-3C-10GE  

  6    5  Route Switch Processor 720 10GE (Hot)  RSP720-3C-10GE    




Nadeem Ahmed
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I have never customer using RSP with SAMI, In what enviorment you would be using this 7609 and SAMI .

Like we do use for CORE SS7 traffic sms,gtt and many other things.

Below is the one which i can see

RSP720 Features

The RSP720 provides several new features and enhancements, which are summarized here. For details, see the Cisco 7600 Series Router Cisco IOS Software Configuration Guide, Release 12.2SR.

720 gigabits per second (Gbps) bandwidth (320 Gbps ingress and 320 Gbps egress)

A faster CPU and additional memory to support larger configurations and more subscribers

Performance and scalability improvements

Quality of service (QoS) enhancements

The  RSP720-GE ships on the route processor (RP) with default 2-GB memory  for the 3CXL version and 1-GB for the 3C version. The switch processor  (SP) ships with a default 1-GB memory. Memory options are available to  upgrade to 4-GB memory on the RP. From Cisco IOS Release 12.2(33)SRD1  onwards, a 2-GB memory upgrade option is supported on the SP.

Supported Chassis, Line Cards, and Modules

The RSP720 supports the following Cisco 7600 chassis, line cards and modules:

Supported on all Cisco 7600 routers (including enhanced chassis) except the Cisco 7603 and the Cisco OSR-7609

SPA interface processors (SIPs) and their shared port adapters (SPAs): 7600-SIP-600, 7600-SIP-400, and 7600-SIP-200

Enhanced FlexWAN module (WS-X6582-2PA)

Ethernet services modules: 2-port 10 GE line card (7600-ESM-2X10GE) and 20-port 1 GE line card (7600-ESM-20X1GE)

Distributed Forwarding Cards: DFC3C, DFC3CXL, DFC3B, DFC3BXL

LAN cards (which require CFC or DFC):







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