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UBR 7200 QOS Enforce-rules

Hey Community,

I'm attempting to configure a UBR 7200 with qos enforce-rules to use with bandwidth management.  The main issue is configuring monitoring-basics for docsis 1.1 modems.

1.  When setting monitoring basics I to docsis10, I am able to set qos registered [indexnum] without issue.  However if I choose docsis11, I get the following error when attempting to set qos registered:

(config)#cable qos enforce-rule testprofile
(enforce-rule)#monitoring-basics legacy docsis11

(enforce-rule)#qos registered 2
Already defined to do monitoring based on service class names


We don't use/have service classes defined on the ubr, we have different config files that are pervisioned to modems that have qos settings built in based on the speed they're supposed to have.  The modem is then [supposed to] create the qos profile on the ubr upon registering.  I don't see this actually happening... we have 5 speeds, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20mbps.  Furthermore.. we have around 10 of these 7200s and the qos profiles don't match across them.  Sometimes there are profiles created by cm for the speeds we offer, sometimes, there isn't.  What seems to match all of the cmtses is that 99% of the modems appear to be registered with the default cmts created qos profile 2, which is 1mbps... Since we have several thousand customers on this specific group of cmtses, we know that our customers are actually getting the speeds they are supposed to.

2.  According to the qos docs ( setting docsis10 will only monitor 1.0 modems, and docsis11 will handle 1.1 only.  It also specifies the service-class enforce command as optional. But it appears the ubr is requiring it when monitoring docsis11 modems... is there any way around this?  I am trying to deal with some holiday traffic and enforce new qos profiles on problem customers.

We're running ubr7200-ik9su2-mz.123-23.BC3.bin

cisco uBR7246VXR (UBR7200-NPE-G1) processor (revision B)

Unfortunately our company came to acquire these cmtses from a provider that ran out of business, well before my time, and I've been tasked with managing them until we can upgrade our hardware here.

Any help  would be appreciated.


Cisco Employee

Re: UBR 7200 QOS Enforce-rules

Hi David,

Unfortunately you must use service-classes for the DOCSIS 1.1 monitoring in the enforce-rule. The documentation link you provided indicates this in the restrictions section:

Only DOCSIS 1.1 modems that register with a service class name are monitored.

Only primary upstream and downstream service flows are supported.

With docsis 1.1 qos registration the CMTS does not create a QOS profile. QOS profiles are applicable to D1.0 provisioning modes only.

I recommend moving forward to consider switching to service-class names defined on the CMTS to reflect your offerings. You will need to program in your CM configuration files for each US/DS flow a specific class name (TLV {24|25}.2), qos parameter, and service flow reference number.

If the class name is also on CMTS, then the CM will pick up the service class parameters as defined on the cmts.

Here's an example

cable qos enforce-rule TEST
monitoring-basics legacy docsis11
penalty-period 10080
service-class registered silver_up

cable service class 100 name silver_up
cable service class 100 upstream
cable service class 100 max-concat-burst 8192
cable service class 100 tos-overwrite 20 20
cable service class 100 max-rate 2200000
cable service class 100 max-burst 5000000
cable service class 100 priority 1



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