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What fun Mobile Internet experience have you had?

OK, so it's an ad, but I want to believe this can and will soon become one of those common, spontaneous, quirky experiences just too good to enjoy alone - something really worthy of streaming live to friends, and to a server somewhere to enjoy again later.

How about you? What experience have you had or hope to have soon?

P.S. I also added this to the community bookmarks. Will post hints as I discover how to categorize bookmarks. Counting on several of you to find fun URLs to share under category I propose as "Fun Mobile Quality of Experience"


Thanks Tay  ... so am I correct that if you were to find yourself spontaneously amidst such a crazy circus act, you'd find it quite useful to be able to use your mobile eWallet Obopay to grab some comfortble dance shoes nearby (thanks to a location based service), to be able to join in and dance with the rest of the crowd? ;-)

Thanks for the feedback, and welcome to our community!

P.S. - do tell us, what is in your dailyoatness beta? I didn't get a chance to create a username and login to try it out



thanks for the initiative. Will post bookmarks as I see them. But for me, I personally share with my friends using the mobile all the time - but it is mainly pictures of excellent food, nice views, drama situations or the horrible look of me in a new haircut. More often that not, just pure mobile mail (mms or email), but when I feel for it, sharing it via Twitter (twitpic or similar). Of some strange reason, you can not upload to Facebook via a mobile browser.

Though I had video telephony for a long time (5years) and some of my friends/family as well, I very rarely use that. It would be more interesting to take snipets and upload to youtube or similar sites (done that, but had to go via computer before). It will be interesting to see what Google's acquisition of On2 going to bring.

Thanks David.

Look forward to your fun posts. Indeed you aren't alone ... email/MMS attachments form the bulk of current visual information going over the air, something that keeps increasing. As to Google's intent to acquite On2 .. interesting and relevant .. although IMHO just one of many "absorbtions" to come in next 18-24 months, as pretty much every vendor already in or entering the Mobile Internet eco-system sees the value and explosive growth of visual information

Hey, I like humor ... maybe we should start a post sharing mobile video humor ... bad hair day is OK .. but we can do better .. thinking of driving in Bay Area during rush hour on Hwy 101, watching attractive driver on freeway changing lanes next me .. putting on make-up ... talking on phone ... and making hand gesture to me .. all simultaneously ... as I try to capture this scene on my mobile video device .. hands free of course ;-)