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Wrong accounting (AAA) interim update counter

Tohid Naslpak


In our broadband ADSL service, we use 7206-NPE-G2 as Bras and standard radius as AAA server working together. In normal situaton both (Bras & AAA) work together properly and all AAA functions (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) are fine. we have an symtom here and when it happens sometimes we will have wrong accounting interim update counter (I mean, Bras send a huge data traffic accouting for specific pppoe subscriber).

here is the symptom:

Primitive symptom: subscriber's pppoe connection drops before first accounting interim update (because of port error for example) in the other hand subscriber's pppoe connection stays connect less than 10 minutes (in this case intream updates has set on 10 minutes),

Primary symptom (our issue): sometimes Bras send an accounting packet with a large number value to AAA radius server, but it is not correct because in less than 10 minutes subscriber does not able to operate such huge traffic. 

this symptom happens just sometimes and it does not happen in all less than 10 minutes pppoe disconnections.

Has anybody faced to this symptom? I would be thankful if somebody can help me to solve this issue.

our IOS version is "c7200p-advipservicesk9-mz.122-33.SRD3.bin"

Thank you,

Mirtohid Naslpak

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