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Prime Heat Map Automated Export

Is there a method whereby I could automatically export (in PDF/JPEG/PNG format) the Cisco Prime heat maps for wireless coverage?

Our organization would like to give access to this information without creating a limited/guest account in Cisco Prime Infrastructure.


I would love such a feature! 

I would love such a feature!


@Cisco: Please give us this option or something similar to the Ekahau wireless reports which exports the info into a PDF / doc of choice for ease of sharing with non-technical partners.


Even if you took the current reporting method through Prime (Planning Mode - Generate Proposal) and made that into an exportable document vs. a static webpage would be great!




The proposal generation is

The proposal generation is great for project proposals for management, but the proposals are useless for installers as the maps lack detail and are unreadable. We want to export the heat maps as large images showing location of APs in detail.

Rising star

Sorry, right now there is no

Sorry, right now there is no such feature in Cisco Prime to do so where you can upload your own images.


abhabhis, To be clear, we are



To be clear, we are not asking to upload our own images to Prime (although that would also be a nice feature). We just want the ability to *export* Prime maps to a format suitable for external reports such as an image format (jpg, tiff) or even a PDF.


The current report feature Prime has is not useful in its current state. The maps are too small for one thing. It also is not editable.


Since the images and maps are already stored somewhere on Prime, even just a simple scp script for the maps *with all their location info and walls, etc* would be lovely.


See the reports Ekahau allows a user to create as an example of what we want.

Cisco Employee

At present no feature of

At present no feature of automatic export

Exporting a Map


The Export Map feature allows you to export map or calibration information to XML. The exported XML will be in an encrypted format and will not be readable. XML and images are bundled, tarred, and zipped into a file for a successful import into another NCS.

To export a map, follow these steps:

Step 1 Choose Monitor > Site Maps page.

Step 2 From the Select a command drop-down list, Choose Export Maps. The Export Map page appears. (see Figure 6-9)

Figure 6-9 Export Map


Step 3 Select the maps that you want to export.

Step 4 Click Export to export the selected map data.

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