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Resolved! AIR-LOC2710-L-K9 Password Recovery

I just bought one of these in and it was in production and I have no way of getting a hold of the login information. Is there a way to wipe these to factory defaults? I have been looking everywhere with no such luck.

Resolved! WLC 2504 adding AP's

HI! We have a WLC 2504 ( with 3 x CAP3501i and 4 x AP1231G. We need more 2 x AP's. Challenge: buy more AP's but "try" to still use the old AP1231G. The newer AP's dont support and the AP1231G dont support 8.5. After some research,...

RuiVieira by Beginner
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RSSI low even when really close to an accesspoint

After a survey we placed 12 access points in our warehouse. 3802's with 4x AIR-ANT2535SDW-R dipole antenna's each. In the WLC (2504 wlc) antenna gain is set to 6x0,5dBi for each accesspoint. We are using 2.4ghz only, 5ghz has been disabled (but when ...

Bartvdm by Beginner
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AP Up Time

We have two 2602 APs listed on a WiSM, running 8.5.140, that show an Up Time of 75d and 8d.  However, these two APs appear in that order as the last two APs on the WiSM.  Also, the VLANs default every night to the native VLAN instead of retaining the...

Mo52 by Beginner
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WLC 2504 Disable network to make changes

I need to disable the network to make some changes to wireless networks. I get an error message that it is operational and cannot make chantes. I have some meshes enabled. Would the mesh come back if i connect to WLC and disable the network, make cha...

tyaansana by Beginner
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Outdoor Access Point Coverage Area

Hi, I want to design a WiFi system for an outdoor large area (10000000 sqm) which can take up to (5000000 people) in which the active users from my operator are around (400000 people) distributed homogeneous around the area. My question is how much a...

Cisco 5508 Controllers vulnerabilities

wlc 5508 running version shows the below vulnerabilities, how can these be mitigated?  SSL Certificate Signed Using Weak Hashing AlgorithmSSH Weak Algorithms SupportedSSH Server CBC Mode Ciphers EnabledSSH Weak MAC Algorithms EnabledSSL Ce...

Resolved! WLC sofware upgrdae issue

we are having cisco 2504 wlc and 2602I access points .. and wlc having Software version which is not supporting access points.. i configure wlc and app not registering in order to upgrade softer which supports 2602I which software shell i c...

shazeb051 by Beginner
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Flexconnect groups

Hi;We have some WLANs as below:   As you see WLAN ID 2 is in "Admin Status Disabled". This WLAN has been added to a Flexconnect Group named "Ankara":  I see SSID "Sekom" on my PC and connect to it successfully and get my IP address from vlan 90 despi...

w01.png w02.png w03.png

Controller Association Latency, What is it?

I have an AP that has a higher then others latency.  PC's associated to this AP are dropping off at random, and it had disassociated recently for reasons unknown.   Trying to determine if its an AP issue, or some other reason, and starting with the a...

Adding access point to WLC 2504

Hello,I have 7 access points running on WLC 2504 and trying to add another one for a total of 8 APs  Sysinfo shows I am allowed up to 75 access points, license is showing I have 7 AP in use of 7 available but have another license for 5 not in use.Wha...

479130 by Beginner
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