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Analytics trigger


I have a 4500E camera and the Operations manager, i am trying to configure an analytic trigger, so i have configured it on the camera as video TripWire for both sides, and the trigger name was copied and an event was created on the Operations Manager.

the Analytics Rule Name have the same as the trigger created on the Camera, and on the archive i checked the Start Archives and selected the archive that i have created earlier.

and on the alerts i have checked the

but when someone crosses the line nothing happens so do i need a certificate to do that or the Cisco_Base_Security license that i have is enough.

and if anyone have a document on how to do that or anything else please share it.

thanx in advance.



It's sometimes a bit tricky and not always working the first time. That's my experience with it from the beginning.

You do not need a special license to do it, basic functions like tripwire are well supported.

Check the following:

- In the VSOM log, make sure you see entries from that camera when you do test event. You can use the tamper event, it's a bit easier (cover the lens for a short time, that triggers it for sure)

- There was another thread

with a similar issue. Make sure that your snmpd config file is correct. When VSOM is upgraded, sometimes there are wrong entries.



Dear Danny,

Thank you for your reply.

i have tried to do it in so many ways, finally i can get the result as follows from the VSMC:

2012-01-18 12:10:26.372 [ httpd(6952) FE_EVENT=1

] Enabled event
2012-01-18 12:10:26.424 [ httpd(4938) FE_EVENT=1 ] killarchive = false
2012-01-18 12:10:26.424 [ httpd(4938) FE_EVENT=1 ] Unable to delete event name !!
2012-01-18 12:10:26.481 [ httpd(4939) GL_EVENT=1 ] >>>> gev_getDeviceEventId()
2012-01-18 12:10:26.481 [ httpd(4939) GL_EVENT=1 ] Unable to find Device [1326877826] Input [0] in database
2012-01-18 12:10:26.481 [ httpd(4939) FE_EVENT=1 ] Successfully Added Event Trigger from
2012-01-18 12:10:26.482 [ httpd(6045) LIB_COMMANDER=1 ] 'Force' option chosen for requested archive: e_Marlboro_0_p_LAB_CAM_1 . Bypassing the storage estimation and proceeding with archive creation.
2012-01-18 12:10:28.489 [ httpd(6045) LIB_COMMANDER=1 ] "archiver.e_Marlboro_0_p_LAB_CAM_1" started ok
2012-01-18 12:10:28.489 [ httpd(6045) GL_EVENT=1 ] sending local host only
2012-01-18 12:10:28.493 [ httpd(6045) GL_EVENT=1 ] Config notification sent for archive
2012-01-18 12:10:28.493 [ httpd(6045) GL_EVENT=1 ] Event Trigger Archive started
2012-01-18 12:10:54.808 [ httpd(4935) GL_SETUP=1 ] open('/usr/BWhttpd/conf/proxy/10.e_Marlboro_0_p_LAB_CAM_1.xml'): No such file or directory

but this is the ims.log output, and the snmpd.log doesnt show anything.

and when i start playing the archive that is created for the event 5 seconds before and 5 seconds after, it plays the whole video from the begining of the archive creation till present.

i think it should play the 5 seconds before and after only not a continous video

any advice

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