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Can someone detail the steps to setting custom resolutions for VSVM?

Cory Blackman
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Level 1

I'm looking for the steps to setting custom resolutions so that my Virtual Matrix Clients can display full-screen (1920x1080), can someone detail these steps for me and everyone else, i know it can be done.

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Cory Blackman
Level 1
Level 1


After working with Cisco on this we were able to get a custom 16 camera view operational, so now we have a VM that displays 1920x1080 full-screen (normally we'd have black bars left & right due to the default aspect ratio 4:3 i guess). 

Though this kind of /usr/BWhttpd/root/hydra/bin/hydra_state file hacking is not "Cisco supported" it works quite well.  I will try to attach the working 1920x1080 template for those savvy enough to be able to edit their Unix text files.  This file was a custom fix, you'll want to probably be running latest VSM 6.3.2 MR2, and only the 1920x1080 part of the template is custom, the rest is default.

Problem Description:
Customer had a unique requirement to configure VSVM for a 4x4 view, but instead of 4:3 format they were willing to accept a
16:9 format along with the resulting 'stretched' horizontal view in each pane in order to
eliminate the black bars on either side of a wide screen 16:9 monitor.
This is possible (the template Cory posted is a good working example), as VSVM will render
the display in whatever resolution is specified within the confines of the number of
pixels available on the monitor.  A custom VSVM template was created and tested by TAC,
basing the template off of the 1920x1080 template but altering the horizontal width and
start point for each of the 16 panes.