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Can we add the same camera on 2 servers ?

Yhya Akef
Level 1
Level 1

Hi ,

I have a small question .

Can we add the same camera on 2 different servers ( 4-RU ) ?

Thx in advance

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Gerald Burgess
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

No.  When a media server establishes its connection to a camera it send configuration instructions to make the camewra match the configuration in the media server's definition for the proxie.

Each media server expects to own the cameras that are streaming to it. 

If they are both using the same VSOM, you should be able to goto the Camera Feeds option and setup a Child feed to another server. 

Also,  I have not tested it, but with VSOM 6.3.1 the batch config allows you to connect to an existing broadware proxy.  I would have to play with it a bit, but that selection should allow you to pull a feed from the original Media Server to another using the backend proxy commands.  Then you would just have to run a server sync and it would pop right into VSOM. 

These methods most likely are not supported by TAC so play with at your own risk, but it should be possible.

No , they are using different VSOM

The second method should still work.  I will look further into it.  What is the end result of having the same camera on two different platforms?  Knowing the business case can sometimes help find an alternate solution.