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Cisco 4500 camera video server options

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We have a small office currently utilizing Cisco pwc2300 cameras linked to a Synology Nas. It communicates through a proprietary protocol using the Nas.

Also the Nas has FTP available to receive video clips from the pwc2300's from motion events. It works very well. Recently we purchased several CIVS-IPC-4500 cameras. These cameras are obviously overkill, but we thought HD would be a good upgrade. So far the experience with the new cameras hasn't been great. So far we have only been able to stream video from the 4500's using a PC running XP via IE6. Video has been unstable. IE locking up.

So to get to my question, is there a way to enable the 4500 cameras to send a video file to an FTP server running on a Synology NAS? Or any ideas for a workaround to record video to a network share? Do I need to run a 3rd party Application to record the rtsp video stream? We would like to record 1080p.

Best case we would like to stream video to an iPad using VLC, to watch recorded video and live.

For a brief overview of the network, we use a Cisco VPN router, a Cisco switch SG300-28p, Mac Workstations, several Linux boxes, 3 Synology 1511 NAS,

And now one laptop running XP pro.

On a side note, does anyone have a direct link to the latest firmware 2.3.1 for the 4000 series cameras? When I try to download it from Cisco it says that I need a Service Contract from Cisco.

Any ideas would be appreciated. We've had great luck with Cisco so far, but looks like we may have to discontinue the 4500 cameras. I know Axis has several cameras that will work for what we need.



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Hi Art,

as far as I know the Civs 4500 series need a valid SessionID to obtain the videostream directly to vlc. As I remember you have to request a SessionID via HTTP using the configured credentials.

So first solution to obtain the stream is writting some script getting this ID, an second solution is to use cisoc VSM. Here VSM holds a Session to every cam and you can simply obtain your stream via rtsp url within vlc. Here is an example of my Linux command starting VLC with access of one of my cams. Be aware the stream doesn't comes directly from the cam. The stream is proxied over VSM:


/usr/bin/vlc rtsp://hubble/live/p_Raum_1_229_1




Thanks for the reply. I think that's probably the only way. Doesn't make it easy to record from this camera for motion events. For some reason I have been unable to open a stream using VLC. I'm assuming my syntax is incorrect as I pulled the current session ID using wireshark from live stream to Windows XP Machine. However I have no way to check my string I enter into VLC. I found a few examples online, used my session id but VLC can't open stream. Is there somewhere I can find the proper syntax for opening a stream from the 4500 camera? Does Cisco publish this?



i've got my infos from here :

good luck

Thanks for that info.. When searching I skimmed through that post , but never really read it until now.

I think my issue may be related to old firmware in the camera. I've been unable to open a stream using Vlc and

Trying usually crashes VLC.  Do you know how I can find the newest firmware for CIVS-IPC-4500? I believe it's

Version 2.3.1. I tried downloading it from Cisco support but my account doesn't have a service contract so it blocks the download.

Thanks for the help. It's nice to know there is somebody willing to help.