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Cisco Cpam client Java error

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I have a windows 7  laptop I run Cpam client from.  I keep getting an error when trying to launch cpam client  this has happened on 1.3.2 and also a 1.4.1 I have worked on.

Error reads.    Java Virtual Machine Launcher:    error:  Could not create Java Virtual Machine.  Error:  A Fatal Exception has occurred. Program will exit.

I have uninstalled the 1.3.2 that I am currently trying to work on. Reinstalled  the JRE from cpam server.  Tried to install cpam client and get the same error on installation.

I have tried to install this both in C:\Program Files (x86)\Cisco Systems  and also in just C:\Cisco

I get the same error on both.  Attached is the image of the error I get.  Any suggestion on a resolution.

More information I just tried to launch my 1.3.1 client and got the same error

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Greg,

Are you using windows 7 32 bit or 64 bit?

1. Please uninstall the CPAM Client and Java component on the client machine.

2. JRE version is 1.6 install the 32 bit JRE from the CPAM server downloads page on the client machine.

3. If still you have issue in lanching the client then over install the 64 bit JRE and launch the client.



Hello Raghav.   I have uninstalled  all cpam clients,   Uninstalled  java 1.6.

Installed JRE.exe file from the cpam server

Reinstalled cpam client  1.3.2   for testing.  

At the end of the installation is where I get the failure of installation.  See  image

I have tried installing the client in bot in C:\Cisco\Cpam   and Also   C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\Cisco Systems

Both fail with the same result.

I have had these working on this machine before but now they are not working.

Where is the 64 bit JRE located.


Hi Gregl,

you could find the 64 bit JRE6 in the download page of the admin concole or you can download it from

1. Could you please let me know, if you are able to login from any other client PC?

2. Does the system contains any other Java package in it?

3. Are you running this setup with Administrator privilage?

4. we could have a look at the client logs from the cpam folder.



Thanks Raghav for your time.

Just to let you know this is not just occuring to this one customers  Cpam server.   I am not even connecting to that server.

I have downloaded the cpam client from different cpam servers.  There is not a 64 JRE6 in the download pages sir.  I just looked at a 1.3.0 install  which I was having the same issue with the 1.3.0 client also. 

yes my lap top has other Java

I am the administrator of my laptop.  So yes.

This is very strange.  I just tried and launched the cpam client 1.3.2 that was failing to even install yesterday. So it now launches.

I have just installed cpam client  1.3.0  & 1.4.1  clients on my laptop.

I have seen this before where I can finally successfully get it installed and will work for awhile but then get the same errors again when launching the client even before I try to connect to the server.

Which Client logs should I look at to see what is happening when this does occur.

Thanks again

You have to open a command prompt as administrator and run the program from there.  Also, when you start the client, make sure your shortcut is set up to run as administrator or it will always say client is already logged in.



By that, I mean right click on command prompt and click "Run as Administrator".  Go to the folder where you saved the file and start typing cpam and hit tab, should fill in the rest of the info and let you install.  If you have several clients with different versions of the software, you could change the directory and install multiple versions on 1 machine.


Robert G

Hey Rober thanks for your input also.

I knew what you meant and have never had to do this before.  I have been working with the CPAMS for about 4 years now.

I do keep different version of the software installed on my laptop as I work on many systems and some have different code version because they have not wanted to upgrade yet.

This is very strange.  As yesterday I was getting the errors on installing the cpam client because the Cisco engineer had me remove it and then try to reinstall and that is where I was getting the error.  But today I go to the client launch in my start menu and it is working.  So since that worked on 1.3.2  I went ahead and installed again the 1.3.0 and the 1.4.1  I had removed a couple days ago and they all installed fine.

Really Bizarre