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Re: CIVS-IPC-4500

What you're saying here, ive tried it over a 100 times without luck.

I have VSM 6.2.1 on an ISR 2911 SRE. I am also unable to upgrade it to the latest version of 6.2.2 (for the ISR only)

But the problem is not in the software as i am accessing the IP Camera interface directly.


Re: CIVS-IPC-4500

tried the VLC thing, didnt work at all


Re: CIVS-IPC-4500

The VLC suggestion was in response to Jie's reply (I have never tried using VLC with SRTP, only RTSP)

For a camera with IP address for example, first log into the camera web interface via IE, authenticating as admin with a password (or another logon with at least view priviledges), and click on View Video.  In the address bar, you will see something like the following:

In order to establish the stream in VLC, you would need to use


That should permit viewing Channel 1 from the camera.  If you close the IE browser session, you will likely lose video through VLC (unless you are using multicast.)

I use the latest version of VLC.

I hope that helps,





I realize this is an old post, but it is very similar to the problem I'm having.

I'm trying to stream a Cisco CIVS-IPC-4500. After much trial and error I am able to view stream on a PC using XP SP3 with IE6.0. It works, but I wouldn't call it reliable. I'm trying to stream using VLC, with hopes of eventually recording the stream.

I've used Wireshark to pull session ID from the stream to the XP machine.  However after trying several variations of the URL so far am unable to stream to VLC. Does Cisco provide documentation for proper syntax? I know from using the pwc2300 the manual is much more detailed. The URL I've used that appears like it should work is "rtsp:// RTSP/1.0"

Does anyone have experience using VLC to stream from the 4500? Any suggestions?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. By spec this looks like a great cam, so far it seems very finicky, and hardly worth

Using it as it is now.


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