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CPAM 1.4.1 profiles


Hey Guys,

I have been trying to find an answer to this question for a week now. I am trying to create a profile that will have access to edit badges and change the cisco access policy on the badge but only for specific heirarchal locations.  So far I have gotten to the point where I have the right amount of modules setup but when I go into the cisco access policy I cant change anything (insufficient privliges). Does anyone have an idea what piece I am missing?

Thanks, Wes 

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when you create the profile, it will give you the option of using default, least restrictive or most restrictive. Pick the "least restrictive".

once it bring up the new wondow to configure the profile - it will have four tabs on top - General/Modules/Device Commands/Data Types.

Only modify the "modules tab"

Only give them access to the "badges" and "personnell" modules.

uncheck the boxes of every other module.

dont mess with anything else. just make sure you click on EVERY module and uncheck it eisdes the "badges" and personnel" modules.

its late and im tired so i am not sure if that made much sense. but i will elaborate if you need me to.

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