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CPAM Badge Designer JavaScript Expressions

Can anyone point me to a document that outlines all of the possible JavaScript expressions and their data sources?

I am trying to design a simple badge that would include Corporate Logo, Employee Photo, Lastname, Firstname, Physical Address.

I have everything designed except the Address.  I have been unsuccessful in finding any reference material concerning the JavaScript expression that could be used to populate Address.  Thanks.

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This may be working as intended.  I know that some companies do not like to put addresses on badges.  There is what is called a "Custom Field" which you could use to paste their address information into.  The process would be cumbersome, but it should work, because you can link that in the badge designer.

Since we are poopulating this data from AD, there should be a way to write a JavaScript Expression to pull this information from the CPAM DB.  The problem is I cannot find any database map for CPAM, nor can I find a way to view the DB structure.

In our case, the badges need to have physical addresses for employees to be able to move into areas that have been cordoned off because of natural disasters.

If what you speculate is true, this should be considered a feature request for a future version.


Yes, if you go to Admin --> System Configuration --> Badge Design, you'll see a list of all of the available properties that you can link to and all of them are checked by default.  Address is not included.  At this time, your only work-around that I can think of would be to use the cumbersome one that the previous responder offered.

I agree with you that this would be a good enhancement request to the product to include more properties to choose from, or document the entire DB javascript expression list.  I would recommend that you reach out to your Cisco representative, or partner to see about have a product enhancement request submitted.  Otherwise, open a service request and Cisco TAC can assist in submitting one.

Thank you for using the Cisco CSC.


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After doing some research and testing I have found that the fields listed in the System Configuration module are the only ones which are going to be available for printing on badges at this time.  I have submited an enhancement request to broaden those fieds on the next release.