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CPAM How to unlock a door with a rex and paddle lock

I have a main entrance door with a door sensor, pir rex, and a paddle lock. In CPAM I have configured the door as a push button with auto and delayed options but when exiting the door you still have to push the paddle to exit even though the rex detects movement. The customer would like the door to release when you walk under the rex. Any suggestions? 



paddle lock (


any help out there?


Hello Anthony,

You can try to configure the REX on CPAM with the below steps of procedure:

Step1: Select the doors on which you want to add the REX device.



Step 2: Check the template running on this doors and then check in the associated device, if REX device is there or not in that current running template.


Here, “PHYSEC_5wire” template is running on this device.



Then, check that same template in the “Door template” option and the associated device in that. It will not reflect in HW either.




Step 3:  The only way to add the device (REX) in door you cannot edit the template. You have to change the template, you can edit the door. So first you need to disable the door first and then delete it.


Check for any access-policy configured on doors. Disable the access policy, then remove the door from access policy and save and close. Then try disabling the doors, and select the entire associated device on doors.






Step 4:  As the doors is disabled now, go to filters à All device to view the disable device.


Step 5: Then Delete that doors from disable device. Make sure all the alarms is cleared on the device, otherwise it will not allowed to deleting this doors.



Step 6: First create a new template with the entire associated device (REX, Reader and Lock) on that. Then save and close this part.



Step 7: Go to Hardware--> Add new doors--> Select the template-->GW where hardware is associated.

Associate all the I/O module and device to it. Once you done just save and close that option.



Step 8: then “Apply Configuration changes” and “Apply credential changes” on the main tree.



Hope this help you in setting up.


Thanks & Regards,