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CPAM User PIN Operation Issues

Ed Johnston
Level 1
Level 1

I have approximately 30 new users I have created only PINs for to be used on Keypad access.  Only half of them work.  All created the same way and all configurations of the users are identical. CPAM version 1.5.0. Server has been rebooted, configuration applied, credential update applied and gateway configuration has been reloaded.  If i use a good PIN it grants access but if I use one that is not working this is the error.


Lookup Err  Badge Id : 65535 0  Trigger Device : m00/rdr01/reader    GW_REJECT_NO_ACC

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Ed Johnston
Level 1
Level 1


Disclaimer - I know effectively *nothing* about the CPAM realm of Cisco PhySec, but I lurk pretty hard on the VSM side. 


I can't help but notice an integer value that immediately popped out at me; Badge Id : 65535

This is a 16bit addressable boundry.  Not being familiar with the product, does this Badge ID value change at all?  Is there any correlation in its value vs. pass/fail of PIN codes?

I admit I'm grasping at straws... so I may just be spouting gibberish.  Figured I'd throw it out there.




Scott Olsen Solutions Specialist Bulletproof Solutions Inc. Web:

These are just PIN codes.  We added the same PIN to the badge number as well.  I can authenticate the PIN to CPAM and the gateway with access granted but at the keypad it denies access with the above Badge ID: 65535 error.


Thanks Scott!